Financial Information

Financial Policy 

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in one’s future. It can provide many benefits that last the rest of your life; improved self-esteem with a more attractive smile and appearance; better oral hygiene; better jaw functioning; better long-term health of the gingival and bones and less wear on the teeth. So we strive to work with our patients to make this investment possible for everyone wanting to improve their smile.

The actual cost of treatment depends on the severity of the orthodontic problems. The length of treatment, type of appliances required and the style of braces all contribute to the overall treatment fee. needs.

Payment Options:

Being sensitive to the fact that different people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligation, we offer the following payment options for your convenience:

  1.  No down payment option with approved credit (Care Credit or Chase)
  2.  We Accept most major credit cards
  3.  We can provide an in-house installment payment plan
  4.  Automatic monthly payment with credit or debit card (This is preferred for installment plans)

Dental Insurance:

If you have indemnity or PPO insurance, we are happy to work together with you and your insurance company to assure you receive the maximum benefit possible under your policy.

Pre-paid dental plans (DHMO’s) offer a variety of benefits.  They may establish a discounted fee for your orthodontic services based upon a fee schedule specific to your plan or offer a discount to Doctor’s usual, customary and reasonable fees.  There are often limitations and exclusions to what services are a benefit.  With this type of coverage the entire cost of treatment is  your responsibility.

Please understand that ultimately you are responsible for all fees generated by your treatment.